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Admissions Process

At Brynawel Rehab, we use our admissions process to assess the suitability of what we can offer the prospective client and whether our range of treatments and services are the right ones for them.

We encourage all potential clients to visit Brynawel and to spend time looking around, meeting other clients and staff and generally getting a feel for what life is like here at Brynawel Rehab.

There is also the opportunity to stay for a half day or whole day and experience what group work is like if you choose.

Assessment is an integral part of our treatment programme as it determines the suitability of placement to client and vice versa, ensuring that our programme and facilities are the correct choice for the client will help promote motivation and success.

The assessment process typically lasts between sixty and ninety minutes, during which time we will provide information on our service and determine client needs.


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