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Paula’s Story

“…Alcohol was my only escape at the end of each day…”

I had always liked a drink but since the death of a close family member I had found myself relying on alcohol more and more.  To make matters worse, my family all relied on me for emotional support so alcohol was my only way to escape at the end of each day.

Over time, my health began to suffer and my relationship with my children became strained. I just felt like I couldn’t be all things to all people and became overwhelmed by my situation.

I found out about Brynawel and asked them for help. They really listened to me and helped me to separate my problems and make them more manageable.

I went to Brynawel once a week and worked with a one-to-one counsellor who helped me to understand the reasons for my drinking and helped me to find new ways to overcome my problems.

I have also agreed to start Family Counselling to help mend my relationship with my children. I was worried that I had let bills and my finances go while I was drinking so the team has helped me to sort these out.

I also discovered that I could access benefits to help ease my situation. I’m also working hard to get back to work and am starting a voluntary placement soon.

I am proud to say that my last drink was a good while ago now, and although I still have my bad days I have new ways to cope and people to talk to.