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Pipe Down Magazine

Pipe Down Magazine is a new recovery magazine with a unique perspective in addiction and recovery.

It was founded by Araminta Jonsson whilst in rehab in Bristol. After a relapse she had needed an outlet focus on and channel her feelings and emotions so the magazine was born. Single handedly Araminta ran the magazine before shortly after being joined by Alex Drummond.

Alex was actually a client at Brynawel when he made contact. Whilst residing here for the second time,  he wrote a journal which evolved to a blog, this later developed as it was helping him through his recovery into his own recovery site, The Recovery Republic. 

Before long Araminta and Alex joined forces and have developed the magazine now to a team of 10 strong and the next issue is due to come out in December,

Why is it different?

For starters every piece of writing, artwork, content or ideas are all those from either people in active addiction or in recovery as well as friends or family affected by addiction, so its an outlet for people to put their emotions down on paper, get them published and regain a sense of self worth.
The magazine is also looking to partner with businesses to help those in recovery get back into the work place, companies who know about their history but wont judge and are prepared to give a second chance

Alex Drummond says;

The magazine has enabled me to focus on my own recovery, helping others and has made it easy for me to be open and transparent about the fact that i’m in recovery. This has changed my life. Instead of people judging me, they are supporting me, everyone from my boss to my family and everything else in between.

I never thought it would be possible to get that honesty and transparency. We believe that if the magazine has worked like this for Araminta and I then we want to bottle that up and give that hope and opportunity to others in recovery via the magazine

The magazine is growing and growing fast. The website is now live and the 3 existing copies can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE, the next issue is due out in December then there are some big plans moving into 2018.

Pipe Down is currently being set up as a charity under ‘The Pipe Down Foundation’ so expect to see plenty of fundraising ideas / campaigns over the forthcoming months.

The magazine will only work if we have enough content, content from those in or affected by addiction. If you feel that you would like to have something published in the magazine or the website then please send an email to info@pipedownmagazine.co.uk and we will publish it somewhere for you, of course you can do it anonymously if you wish.

Bringing recovery into the world and the world into recovery