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Our medically managed ‘detoxification’ service

Our alcohol ‘detoxification’ service enables people who are physically dependent on alcohol a clinically supported withdrawal in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. Any alcohol withdrawal needs to be planned carefully following a comprehensive clinical assessment; this process begins when you meet with our detox team, usually at your home, to establish if our service will be suitable to safely meet your needs. The outcome of your assessment will fully consider your history and your own preferences as far as clinically appropriate and safe to do so; it will also take into account any potentially beneficial support to assist in your onward recovery.

If we can accommodate your needs our team will also determine a suitable admission date for the intervention to begin. During your detoxification you will be accommodated in your own private en-suite room at Brynawel Rehab. In cases where we assess that Brynawel will not adequately meet your needs, we will assist and advise you in identifying a more suitable plan.

What are alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

The most common symptoms occur approximately eight hours after stopping drinking; these may include shaking, irritability, and restlessness, sweating and vomiting. Unsupported physical symptoms normally last up to five days and most symptoms are over after seven days. Withdrawals without effective support are extremely dangerous medical emergencies which can escalate quickly and unpredictably risking permanent injury and death, hence Brynawels’ robust assessment criteria.

What medication is used?

A range of medications are prescribed by our in-house clinical team to reduce the potential withdrawal symptoms and complications, and are individually tailored to meet your specific needs.The overall prescription will first focus on your safety and secondly your comfort and well-being to achieve truly holistic and individualised support for your intervention.

Our clinical team will be glad to fully discuss your proposed management plan during both the assessment and active treatment phases; you will be key to all decisions made in relation to your prescribed plan.

What about diet and fluid intake?

The withdrawal process can place extraordinary physical demands on your body, the Chef and Clinical team will work closely to ensure your individual hydration and nutritional needs are more than met to contribute to your overall recovery plan – in many cases this is as important as your prescribed medication in achieving your best possible outcome and withdrawal experience.

When will i start to feel better?

Alcohol withdrawal is serious medical emergency with symptoms typically worst 24 to 48 hours after stopping alcohol consumption. Our support plan minimises the extent to which you will experience these unpleasant symptoms, most people state that they have experienced minimal or no discomfort throughout with almost all feeling much better within 48 -72 hours when the clinical support plan has been adhered to; some people require a slightly longer period of treatment to assist with persistent although much improved symptoms such as anxiety etc. The clinical team will monitor and update individual care programmes throughout your stay and work closely with your GP or external agencies to plan your onward support and maximise your recovery potential.

What is the Brynawel Clinical Support team?

All staff at Brynawel have a wealth of experience and professional qualifications to support people in all stages of recovery, the Clinical team is led by a Nurse Prescriber with over 30 years nursing experience and specific experience of caring for people in over 1000 acute ‘detoxifications’ and relapse prevention interventions. The Nurse Prescriber is also a Registered Nurse Teacher and provides continuing education and training to Brynawel colleagues; Clinical supervision is provided by one of the country’s leading addiction Medical Consultants. You are in the best of hands.

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