Kick-Start To Recovery Programme

An Intensive Four Week Programme.

Kick-start to Recovery is a new initiative, a programme designed for individuals who have acknowledged that their alcohol or drug misuse is becoming a real problem in their lives, and who want to address the issue before it deteriorates further.Kick-start to Recovery is an intensive 4 week residential programme making it suitable for those who are in employment or for those who cannot commit to the 16 week residential programme.

The programme provides an approach that is comprehensive, individualised, and holistic, combing cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention and families counselling and is an amalgamation of both group therapy and 1-1 work with an assigned Therapist.

What the Kick-Start To Recovery Programme

Can Help You Achieve

The main purpose of the programme is to help you stop behaviours which cause harm to yourself and or others i.e. alcohol or drug misuse and abuse.

We will:

  1. To assist you to understand the direct link between the ways that you think and the way that you behave; that the harmful behaviours in which you engage are solely a result of your thinking patterns.
  2. To assist you to understand and accept that your behaviour is solely your responsibility.
  3. To assist you to develop an awareness of the impact of your behaviours on others.
  4. To develop an awareness of your thinking processes that contributes to these behaviours.
  5. To teach and develop skills necessary to manage and or eliminate harmful behaviours in a manner which reduces harm to yourself and or others.
  6. To practice self-management strategies learned.
  7. To promote the generalisation of skills learned in group to your personal life.
  8. To develop an appropriate relapse prevention plan.
  9. To develop appropriate follow up plans to assist in maintaining what you have learnt in Brynawel when the four weeks is over.

The programme also recognises the importance of structure, routine and a healthy life style balance; as such we incorporate these topics into the programme and explore issues related to diet, exercise and relationships.

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Kick-Start To Recovery

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