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Information for those working in the Substance Misuse Field

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We accept self-referrals, and referrals from Local Authority Social Services Departments, CDAT’s and voluntary agencies.

Our Referral criteria

Brynawel offers a service to individuals aged 18 and over, who have a primary diagnosis of drug or/and alcohol dependence who wish to recover.

Reasons for exclusion

  • Significant mental illness that is not treatment controlled
  • A history of forensic activity that may pose a risk to self or/and others e.g. arson
  • Clients who are not deemed to have the mental capacity to agree to admission
  • Clients whose behaviour would disrupt the therapeutic environment of Brynawel
  • Clients with complex physical co-morbidity, whose health needs cannot be met in Brynawel.

Please see separate criteria for ARBD Patient Admissions and for those clients with a learning disability.LINKS

Current clinical input

A Clinical Psychologist is engaged on a sessional, as required basis, to provide assessment and evaluation of clients  and patients with an ARBD diagnosis. Additionally a Consultant Psychiatrist provides clinical governance advice, initial screening of medical records pre admission and ad hoc advice regarding clients when psychiatric issues arise. The Psychiatrist reviews ARBD clients progress through psychiatric assessment.

We are on the Welsh Governments All Wales Substance Misuse Residential Framework and the National Collaborative Framework for Younger Adults (18 – 64 years) in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Care Homes & Care Homes with/without  Nursing for NHS and Local Authorities in Wales.

We have been approved by the NHS Quality Assurance Team to accept clients with mental health issues, e.g. ARBD, those with learning disabilities, and those with a dual diagnosis.

We have taken people with a range of complex mental health issues over a long period of time and providing they meet our criteria their outcomes are good.

We are a dual diagnosis rehab.

We are currently recruiting a new post of Nurse at Brynawel.

We welcome every opportunity for our partners and prospective partners to visit our facilities, meet our team and discuss their requirements and expectations in detail. Simply contact us to arrange your visit and we will be happy to show you around.

For further details regarding our referrals and admissions process click here, and to access our referral form please download from the link below.

At Brynawel, we believe everyone can recover from their dependencies given the right support and guidance and as such we are always interested in exploring the best possible options with you to meet your client’s needs. You will, at all times, be fully engaged with your clients treatment and progress via our assessment procedure, including the work that we may ask them to do prior to admission, and through regular monthly joint reviews with the referring agency, your client, and their assigned Brynawel Care-Coordinator.

We aim to be the centre of excellence in the provision

of high quality professional support and assistance

for people experiencing dependency issues


  • Our treatment programme is evidenced based, tailored to client’s needs and externally reviewed.
  • Our treatment programme and overall approach offers your client choice. The evidence shows that choice is associated with better outcomes, and Brynawel offers that choice as the only residential rehabilitation service in Wales with cognitive behaviour therapy at its core.
  • Often, Tier 4 services such as Brynawels’ are seen as a final option. We believe we should be viewed as a component of a range of services available to service users, and as such be introduced at any stage of the client’s recovery journey rather than being seen as “the last chance saloon”.
  • Our core recovery programme is for sixteen weeks, but we are flexible and can design a programme to fit a specific client needs.
  • We will work closely, and in partnership with the professional and your client, monitoring your clients’ progress and assessment of need, using the David Best Recovery Capital Model.

At Brynawel, success in achieving positive client outcomes is central to our work and we pride ourselves on treating the client holistically. To help with this, we use the David Best assessment of Recovery Capital Tool. The tool provides valuable information about the client and any difficulties they may be experiencing in 10 areas of their lives. An awareness of these concerns ensures that along with the clients’ external case manager we are able to begin addressing these issues during their 16 week residence.

We ask that the client be supported to complete the Assessment of Recovery Questionnaire prior to admission and then here at four weekly intervals so that in reviews with the client, their care coordinator and the client’s case manager, it will provide the basis for a discussion  around the client’s recovery and incorporate actions into the client’s care plans.

You can learn more about the David Best tool here.

More about our programmes

The treatment programme is built on a cognitive behavioural approach, but our therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic disciplines, including person centred counselling, transactional analysis, systemic family counselling and motivational interviewing. These approaches are well researched, and proven to be effective in the treatment of dependency.

Our methods are performance based, in that clients are encouraged to be proactive and participative as the evidence suggests that performance based methods give the best chance of successful treatment. We have a timetable of activities including group therapy, mindfulness, relaxation, art therapy, experiential therapy and working on allotments/horses/hens and tasks of daily living , as we believe that the social and interpersonal elements of the programme contribute greatly to their effectiveness.

We have found that the most effective treatments are those that involve family members or friends who will be supportive in aiding the client to achieve their goals. We promote family services including advice, support and counselling and deliver these intensive treatments through our therapists’ high quality training and clinical experience.

More about assessment

Assessment is an integral part of our treatment programme as it determines the suitability of a Brynawel placement for the client. Ensuring that our programme and facilities are the correct choice for the client will help promote motivation and success. The assessment process typically lasts between sixty and ninety minutes, during which time we will provide information on our service and determine client needs.

More about our team

We currently have nineteen members of staff, and based on CSSIW regulations, our ratio of clients to staff is eight to one.

The scope, standard and performance of each role within Brynawel is determined by core competency requirements, and is evaluated against The Drug & Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS).

All rehab support staff have, or are working towards, a minimum level 3 NVQ or above which demonstrates their generic core competence to work with adults and their competence in at least three units from the Drugs and Alcohol National Occupational Standards, which meets the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals guidelines.

All staff are regularly assessed against their role profile in accordance with our appraisal policy.

Brynawel is an accredited Investors in People organisation.

We are on the Welsh Government’s All Wales Substance Misuse Residential Rehabilitation frame work.