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Group Therapy

Group therapy forms a major part of the treatment programme at Brynawel Rehab, the group environment allows clients to communicate with and challenge each other, as well as providing an opportunity to receive constructive feedback. These interactions also give participants an opportunity to increase their self-awareness and practice new ways of being and interacting with others in a safe space. Group sessions occur twice daily with reflective time in between.

The group is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and helps clients to understand how cognitive processes, that is their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, impact on how they behave in response to emotional issues. The group aims to help clients change their underlying thought and behavioural patterns which in turn will alter how they feel and react in certain situations.

For some individuals, being in a group situation can be daunting, and the thought of discussing life experiences with strangers can at first seem very intimidating.  We understand these fears and as such allow and encourage a period of adjustment during which time you can build up a level of trust and feelings of safety which, over time, will allow you to open up and discuss your problems more freely.

Many individuals when first arriving at Brynawel Rehab believe that they are alone in their experiences and that they are unique in having committed certain acts, having unacceptable thoughts and frightening life experiences. The group can help to highlight the similarities between clients, and being with others who have shared similar experiences and problems can help people to feel more connected and less isolated.

Often clients have described group therapy as highlighting the fact that they are not alone, that others understand where they are coming from and has given them the opportunity to feel accepted and validated. The group can offer individuals different perspectives on problems relating to their dependency issues, and also provides opportunities for timely feedback and support.