You are telling lies about your drinking or drug use

While many say that ignorance is bliss, when a loved one is keeping something as worrying as a drinking or drug dependency from you it can be pretty hurtful. If you have found yourself telling lies to friends and family about how much you are drinking or taking drugs, this can be a tell-tale sign that you are in need of help. Just think, people do not lie unless they have something to hide.

You want to stop

Though the majority of people come to us at the request of another, the need to accept your dependency is paramount. If you have started to think about how you can stop, but realise that you just can’t do it alone, then it is certainly time to seek help. But, always keep in mind that this is a positive step!

You have tried but failed

Many of the people we work with have faced dependency issues for many years, many having tried to ‘get clean’ time and time again but failing. If you have tried to give up but have not succeeded for a long period of time it shows that you are willing to cooperate and could really use some professional help to get you over that last hurdle.

You have harmed yourself

Dealing with a dependency can put a great deal of pressure on the mind, often leading to depression and in many cases, self-harm. With continued use of drugs and alcohol only strengthening these negative emotions, investing in rehab can really be a life-saver, getting you back into a healthy state of mind.

Your career/education is being impacted

Drug and alcohol dependency is renowned for taking centre stage in the day-to- day life of someone that is suffering, meaning simple tasks such as going to work or school can feel impossible. If you are seeing this side of your life slipping then maybe it is time to start looking at a rehabilitation plan, ensuring you have a grasp on your life and can be the best version of yourself possible. If you wish to learn more about Brynawel, our treatments and clients we have helped, contact us today.